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Repair & Overhaul

It is vital that the useful life of your equipment is maximised and at Keyford, we can help you to achieve this. Whether it is a simple re-calibration, test and return, a repair to a usable standard, a full overhaul to bring the equipment back to it's original condition, or modifications and upgrades, we can deliver what is required.

We will survey your equipment and compile a report detailing any broken, damaged or worn components. The report will give you a full break-down of whether the equipment can be repaired, the work to be carried out and a quotation to complete the repair.

We can discuss the various options available, make our recommendations and then you can then decide whether it is commercially viable to proceed with the repair.

Applying the same unique skills and capabilities used on new projects, we can take your existing equipment, carry out the work agreed and bring the equipment back to a serviceable and useful condition. We can also carry out all of the functional and specific testing required to ensure that the equipment is correct and ready for use.

By offering this service we aim to support our customers for the long term, giving them a continued and stable source for all of their requirements.

Inspection & Test

We take quality very seriously at Keyford and believe strongly that product integrity should be beyond question.

We aim to deliver your work right first time, every time and our past performance bears this out, with our quality rating sustained above 99% year on year.

This high standard is maintained due to the efforts we apply in all areas of our quality from the selection, traceability and identification of materials and parts, the documentation and management of in-house and sub-contract processes, through to the inspection and testing of the product.

Inspection & Test - Mechanical Engineering

Our inspection department carry out 100% stage and final inspection of all work manufactured at Keyford. Using traditional methods side by side with the latest measuring equipment, we ensure that all work conforms to the customer's drawings and requirements.

Using our Faro Gauge, we can give you a full dimensional report for your work, giving you additional confidence that every part has been fully inspected. The Faro Gage combines all of the accuracy and integrity of a CMM (accurate to 0.005mm), with the convenience and flexibility of traditional measuring equipment. To view a sample report click here.

We also offer our Faro Gage inspection as a separate service, and can inspect you product on site or at our own premises. If you are interested in this service, please contact Steve Denmead for a quotation.

Inspection & Test - Electronic/Electrical Engineering

As with our mechanical department, our electrical and electronic department carry out full testing of all finished items. We can supply reports detailing full test results and findings. If your equipment is a portable appliance, we can PAT test and certify the equipment prior to delivery so that it arrives ready to use.

Specialist Testing & Calibration

In addition to our in house capabilities we also have close links with suppliers that can provide all of the specialist testing and calibration you may need. We will arrange and manage the process, checking documentation and providing the reports with the finished goods. UKAS calibration, proof load testing, torque testing, pressure testing, hardness testing, tensile testing, impact testing, and dynamic balancing are just a few of the tests we can arrange and manage for you.