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Mechanical Engineering & Fabrication

At Keyford we have a wealth of experience in all disciplines of mechanical engineering and fabrication, including all of the fundamental processes demanded, along with specialised areas such as large turning, engraving and surface finishing. 

Whether you require single component manufacture, fabrication or a combination of both, we have the skills and capacities to deliver your requirements.

For more details of our capacities and capabilities in this area, along with examples of previous work, please see our Mechanical Engineering & Fabrication page.

Electrical & Electronic Engineering (E & E)

For many years now Keyford has provided a key electrical and electronic manufacturing solution for it's customers. 

Past projects have included electrical and electronic test equipment, electrical, electronic and software driven control equipment and high integrity test cabling and looming.

For more details of our capacities and capabilities in this area, along with examples of previous work, please see our Electrical & Electronic Engineering page.

Assembly, Build & Project Management

One of Keyford's biggest strengths has always been its ability to bring together all of it's manufacturing capabilities to produce a wide range of finished assemblies for its customers. 

We aim to offer a one stop solution for your manufacturing requirements. Managing all of the many services and suppliers that a project may require and giving you a single point of contact.

Whether it's simple mechanical assemblies you require or complex machine builds and electro-mechanical equipment, Keyford will have the right expertise to deliver what you need, when you need it.

In addition, we can also refurbish, repair, overhaul and upgrade your existing equipment, returning it to a fully serviceable condition and extending its working life.

For more information on this service and examples of previous projects please visit our Assembly, Build & Project Management page.

Repair, Overhaul, Inspection & Test

To ensure that the products we produce conform not only to our customers requirements but also to our own high standards it is vital that the correct inspection and test processes are applied. 

At Keyford we have always taken our quality very seriously and this is born out by our consistently high quality performance.

Our dedicated inspection team use the latest equipment to check and test finished products, producing inspection and test reports when required.

For full details of our inspection capabilities and examples of sample reports please refer to our Repair, Overhaul, Inspection & Test page.

Design Support

A key aspect of our service that is often overlooked by our competitors. We always offer the highest support to customer design teams and have a long history of working closely with them to overcome problems, develop solutions and improve their product. 

This has many advantages for both parties, but the chief advantages of this are two fold. The customer retains full design authority and control, giving them full freedom of the design's use and application whilst Keyford are able to keep costs lower than those of a full design house.

We are able to reverse engineer from samples and produce drawings for equipment whose original drawings may have been lost or undocumented from inception.

Even when design support is not an obvious requirement, our vast experience can often be a prime asset. When discovering a design problem, many of our competitors would just throw the problem straight back at the design authority without additional input.

This is something we will never do. Should we find a drawing error or obsolescence issue, we will always come back to you with sensible and well thought out solutions and alternatives. Limiting the load on your design teams and minimising any manufacturing delays. Many of our existing customers list this as one of our greatest assets, and a key reason for placing repeat orders.