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Keyford - One Supplier - Complete Solutions

About Keyford

Keyford are a company founded on a simple principle, to provide our customers with total customer service and the very highest quality in all things.

This very simple statement aptly sums up our principles but for a more comprehensive explanation of what this means, please read further.


Total Customer Service

At Keyford we don’t just view customer service as satisfying the requirements of the order, we aim to offer all of our customers more than that.

If you have a design issue, we can support you and offer solutions to your design teams, cutting down the workload for your own teams and reducing production delays.

If we find a problem with your design, we will not just throw it back at you cold. We pride ourselves in offering our customers solutions to their problems so that they don’t have to start from scratch or invest more costly design team resource into solving the issue than is absolutely necessary.

If you need to source a service, process or specialised product, we can help. With over 40 years in the business and a wealth of experience throughout our teams in almost all areas of engineering from mechanical to electrical & electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic, testing and finishing we can find what you’re looking for and deliver it to you.

We offer full order book updates for our customers, giving you the status of your ordered items within our production schedule, the progress of any on-going issues and up to date information you might need for that production meeting. Just log on to our secure customer dedicated page and download the update from there. No waiting for an email, no phone calls, instant access all day every day.

We also offer ourselves as a one stop engineering solution, whether that solution is a single component or total project management.

Of course we are experienced in working as part of a multi faceted supply chain, interacting with our co-suppliers to deliver your projects and are more than happy to work in this role for you, but undoubtedly our biggest strength is as a single supplier for your whole project.

We will manage your order and give you a single point of contact for the project so that you can minimise your own administrative costs. No headaches from managing several suppliers and the logistical challenges that can pose. No multiple orders multiple buyers to manage, no budgetary juggling as invoices arrive from the supply chain. We can alleviate all of that and offer ourselves as your single supplier, with one contact, one budget and one invoice. Simple, clean and efficient, adding value to your business and your projects.


Total Quality

When we speak of quality, we don’t just mean the quality of our finished goods, although it goes without saying that we strive for excellence in the finish and accuracy of the goods we manufacture. With an ISO9001 approval held since 1994, our record speaks for itself, with a sustained quality performance in excess of 99% year on year.

More than this when we talk of quality we apply it to everything we do, whether it be the quality of the communication you receive from our staff or the accuracy and consistency of our order book updates, we demand the highest standards throughout. Our documentation, our quotations, our packaging, this website, the support we provide to solve problems and the genuine effort that every single one of our employees put into their part of the process, we expect the best in every area.

So that's Keyford and what we stand for, please browse the rest of our pages to see the details of the type of projects we can handle for you and our full capacities and capabilities.