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Keyford has worked in many sectors since its foundation in 1967. As noted elsewhere on this site, Keyford has always strived to offer the very best in quality of product, price and service to its customers.

It is its continued delivery of services true to this principle that has enabled Keyford to win sustained business from market leading companies within the sectors it has worked. We are very well versed in adapting our services and costings to give the customer the exact level of service required.

Whether it be a high integrity, high quality piece of equipment with finite documentation and traceability requirements, large complex projects that require many outsourced services and close project management, or manufacturing to samples and sketches to produce a part quickly and cheaply from suitable material in a "make it work" situation, we can match price and service to satisfy the requirements.

Some of the specialist areas we have worked in are detailed below:-


We have produced premium ground support equipment for many of the leading companies within the industry, producing mechanical, electrical and electronic servicing, build, test and transportation equipment to the very high standards required. Such customers in this sector include AgustaWestland, Rolls-Royce, British Airways, GE Aircraft, Hydro Systems, Trac Group and Field International amongst others.


A more recent development of our services has seen us perform once again to a very high standard, delivering high quality and highly documented parts and assembled equipment for nuclear spares, decommissioning and defence sectors. We have now worked with Babcock (previously Strachan & Henshaw) since 2004 delivering both complex handling equipment and manufactured components alike, satisfying the high quality standards demanded in these key sectors.


We hold all of the specialist knowledge required to manufacture and assemble bespoke automated production equipment systems. From the pure mechanical aspects through to the electrical, electronic and software elements needed, we can manage and produce everything required. One of our leading customers in this area, Cross Manufacturing, tell us that the finished products we deliver in this area are second to none.


We have a long running relationship with the food industry and have successfully delivered the quick turn around of parts needed in breakdown and maintenance situations. We understand what is required and can often suggest improvements to existing parts. Equally, we are very skilled and experienced in producing new parts from simple sketches and damaged or worn samples. We have worked with many companies over the years such as Milklink and Yeo Valley Group.