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Frome Tool & Gauge closes but engineering is strong in Frome

04-August-2017 14:43
in General
by Admin

Sad news that Frome Tool & Gauge has closed it's doors after so many years in business and we at Keyford mourn the loss of yet another engineering firm from the town.

However, engineering is still strong in the area, with manufacturing still robust. Keyford is thriving, driven by the very best in quality and service to it's customers. Approching our 50th anniversary, Keyford continues to put itself at the head of the supply chain and have doubled our order book this year, with total orders currently standing in excess of £2.0M!!

In light of this growth we have employment opportunities for both fully skilled angineers and trainees who are looking for a change.

Are you looking to work within a vibrant and varied engineering environment? Check out our recruitment pages and apply now!